Isla Hansen

TITLE: PLAY V. PROGRESS: works by Isla Hansen
Isla Hansen’s work reenacts forms of popular media, play, and systems of production, recreating ways in which bodies connect to technologies in the world around us. Her work sets in motion new and sometimes crude means of image-making in order to break down or convolute processes of technological mediation. Evoking the association of image to desire, idolatry, ideology, and learning, these absurd systems reinterpret and complicate the relationship between bodies and technological progress. Isla’s work consists of large and small scale installation, public sculpture, soft sculpture,  performance, social practice, and experimental theater, with a focus on works that are interactive, site-specific, and make use of novel intersections between digital and analog media. In most of her research, Isla has focused on the way in which camera and robotic systems in the gaming, medicine, food, and sports industries have developed by tracking and positioning human or animal bodies as analogues. More recently, Isla has developed unique and humorous forms of interaction that make use of these tools in order to design works as interactive objects of play and speculation specifically for young adult and child audiences.

Isla Hansen is an artist working to reinterpret and complicate the relationship between the human body and technological progress. Her solo and collaborative installations, systems, and performances have been exhibited at the Akron Art Museum, the Columbus Museum of Art, MoCA Cleveland, the Hammer Museum, the Parrish Art Museum, Guild Hall Center for Visual and Performing Arts, and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Isla has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Residency, the Dedalus Foundation Master of Fine Arts Fellowship, the American Austrian Foundation Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts, and has been the recipient of multiple Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art at the Frontier grants from The Studio for Creative Inquiry. Isla was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and received her BA from Columbia University and her MFA from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, where she is an Assistant Professor in Design Media Arts at UCLA.