Friday February 8, 2019                     Venue: Elings Hall 1st Floor Lobby                                 3:20 – 4:20 PM


  • Deep adaptive and narrative music for video games          (PDF)

         Yihui Liu, Mari Kimura and Ke Jing

  • Community development for female and trans interdisciplinary media arts and engineering students through community development                  (PDF)

          Althea Pergakis, Daisy Nolz and Kimberlee Swisher

  • P@tch: Can We Use DIY Techno-Craftivism to End Armchair Activism        (PDF)

         Janna Ahrndt

  • Flora: Exploring Spatial Memory Using Hand-held Projections            (PDF)

          Annie Sungkajun, Michael Bruner, Zuri Simpson and Jinsil Seo

  • Analysis of Subjectively and Variously Experienced  Spacetime as Reflected in Media Arts                (PDF)

          Jisoo Park